Book Review: Fred’s Funeral – A Life Lost

"Why is he here, a witness to his own funeral? In life, he would have slunk out the side door." - Fred's Funeral (Locations 297-298) The Plot From Amazon: Fred Sadler has just died of old age. It's 1986, seventy years after he marched off to WWI, and the ghost of Fred Sadler hovers near... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Elusive Bride – Unintentional Speed Reading

"Today was supposed to be the happiest day of my life.... but," her voice trailed off to little more than a whisper, "but, so far it's been the worst." Elusive Bride, Locations 66-67 The Plot Ava Andrews is down and out, sitting is a backwater bar in her wedding dress, instead of sipping piña coladas... Continue Reading →

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