Book Review: Four American Tales – Dead men tell no tales

Four American Tales

“I realized later I’d pictured Yolanda as a wise and sexy angel of mercy, when all the time she was the daughter of a divorced dental technician from Pomona.”

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Coming Soon: Book Review – The Circumstantial Enemy

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Book Review: Getting Home – The 2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back Programme


“At times it was like he was at a large party. He could hear the voices, oh so many voices, but none distinct or clear enough to be deciphered.”

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Coming Soon: Book Review – Going All In

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TropicalMary’s 10 Quotes of the Week – Air Ryder

Air Ryder.jpg“Up ahead, off to the side of the road, a man stood with his leg propped up on a log. He was shirtless, clad in only low slung jean shorts that were a dozen inches too short. As she slowed down, the man poured a plastic gallon jug of water over his bright red hair and rubbed the water all over his rippling abs in slow motion.” (p. 31) Continue reading