Movie Review: Bind (a.k.a. American Conjuring) – A Tale of Two Movies

Genre: Horror Director: Dan Walton & Dan Zachary Running Time: 86 Minutes "Everything for this movie was done in duplicate. Two names, two posters, two Facebook pages, two directors but it's definitely not doubly good." - TropicalMary The Plot Ben moves his family into a house with a violent and evil past. There is already... Continue Reading →

TBT Movie Review: Pitch Black – The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

Genre: Sci-Fi/Horror Director: David Twohy Running Time: 109 Minutes "You aren't afraid of the dark, are you?" Richard B. Riddick, Pitch Black The Plot While transporting cargo, passengers and one Richard B. Riddick (escaped convict, murderer), a commercial shipping vessel is caught in a comet storm. At least, that is what the surviving crew theorise. This... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Jason Bourne – A Greatest Hits Album

Genre: Action, Thriller Director: Paul Greengrass Running Time: 123 Minutes "Congratulations, soldier. Training's over." - Conklin, The Bourne Supremacy The Plot Our eponymous hero returns, in the fifth installment of the Bourne franchise, nine years after the release of The Bourne Ultimatum. Jason (Matt Damon) has been keeping busy by entering unlicenced boxing matches in... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Housebound – The face that launched a thousand laughs

Genre: Comedy, Horror, Mystery Director: Gerard Johnstone Running Time: 107 Minutes "I think I prefer Housebound." - Diego, Comment on my review of The Boy The Plot Kylie (Morgana O'Reilly) is put under house arrest after she is tries to rob an ATM. Her sentence must be served in her old childhood home, where her... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: The Ouija Exorcism – I can barely recall, but it’s all coming back to me now…

Genre: Horror Director: Nick Slatkin Running Time: 77 Minutes "From the people who brought you Ninja Immovable Heart - possibly the worst movie of 2014. Thanks for nothing Uncork'ed Entertainment!" - TropicalMary The Plot A father must protect his son, after an evil entity is released from a ouija board. This ancient evil has visited... Continue Reading →

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