Book Review: 3 Hour Dad – Babashook

"My Dad caused utter confusion when he rang his own Dad at first light. My Grandpa thought at first it was his hearing aids playing up and after making several adjustments, he handed the phone over to his carers who after repeatedly checking confirmed in disbelief that what my Dad was saying was correct! He... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Billionaire Romance – He Knocked Me Up!

"The downside to being a mistress is that you never have any level fighting ground with the wife. She will always have more time on her hands with the man that you have fallen in love with whether it is for leisure or pleasure or simply a short time feuding with him." - Billionaire Romance:... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Boss Won’t Pull Out (Books 1-3) – The Bigger, Blacker Collection

This is a trilogy in 63 pages. I could review them individually but why bother! The Plot Vanessa and Rich are trying for a baby. They are a committed, loving couple with a healthy sex life. That is, until Rich suggests that Vanessa flirts with her boss, Nathan, in order for him to notice her... Continue Reading →

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