Movie Review: Exodus – Gods and Kings

In keeping with the Egyptian theme, we decided to round off our day with Exodus: Gods and Kings. What a complete crock of shit. Let me also just get this bit of controversy out of the way before I start: there is no record (other than the bible) or archaeological evidence that 2 million Jews... Continue Reading →

TBT Movie Review: Alien – That phantom pain in your chest isn’t just indigestion

Genre: Sci-Fi/Horror Director: Ridley Scott Running Time: 117 Minutes No intro needed! The Plot The Nostromo and her seven man crew are en route back to Earth. After receiving a strange transmission, Captain Dallas (Tom Skerritt) follows company procedure and lands on the planetoid, taking Kane (John Hurt) and Lambert (Veronica Cartwright) with him. This search... Continue Reading →

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