Book Review: Let it Snow – The Emancipation of Riley

Let It Snow

“When you came upon us in your room, you asked us what you meant to us. Let us show you.”

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Coming Soon: Book Review: Gables Court

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Coming Soon: Book Review – On the Canvas of my Soul

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Coming Soon: Book Review – Whippoorwill

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Book Review: The Soul’s Expression – A Study in Hysteria

The Soul's Expression.jpg

‘Your fear of sexual intimacy is a problem,’ he eventually says, his tone gentle.

‘And it is one, I think, I can help you with.’

‘By removing my reproductive organs?’ I ask, flicking my head towards the diagrams on his wall.

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TropicalMary’s 10 Quotes of the Week – Perfection

Perfection.jpg“Her hands slipped and before she could grab the window it slid down quickly into the door and if the noise that followed was any indication, cracked. She stared numbly at the empty window for a long moment before she picked up her purse, not at all surprised when the strap broke off, or when the heel on her left shoe snapped off a minute later.” (p. 8) Continue reading


Book Review: Off the Rebound – Never stick your d*ck in crazy

Off the Rebound

“I received another picture and then she said she would send better pictures when her kids were in school momentarily.”

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