TropicalMary’s 10 Quotes of the Week – John Rockman and the Trials of Galactar

John Rockman and the Trials of Galactar.jpg

“The sound of the back of the control units whizzed and whirred, beeping brightly into John Rockman’s cold pale eyes, but they were also stern, and so was his spaceship.”  (p. 1) Continue reading


Book Review: Pteromantyls – Are they Nars or are they Whals?


“The pteromantyl was about four feet long with large bat-like wings and olive green skin. Its legs were bird like, bending backwards at the knees. Its arms, torso and face were like a human’s, but with a beak for a nose and its head was pointed in the back with horse-like ears. It looked half human and half pterodactyl.”

Pteromantyls (Locations 235-238) Continue reading

Movie Review: Freshwater – The Poor Man’s Lake Placid


Genre: Thriller/Mystery/Gore

Director: Brandeis Berry

Running Time: 73 Minutes

“I’m rooting for the crocodile. I hope he swallows your friends whole. You might want to arrest me for that too. Is that a crime? To wish the chewing of law enforcement”

– Mrs Bickerman, Lake Placid Continue reading


Book Review: In Lust with the Robot Lord – A Robot-Alien (D)Alliance


 “She moaned on the tentacle, slobbering and her spit running down her chin and down her body until Metalcock licked the spit that was bouncing off her big fat titties.

In Lust with the Robot Lord, Locations 121 Continue reading


Book Review: Taken by the Tetris Blocks – A Whole New World of Gaming

Take by the Tetris Blocks

After a two month hiatus, I think it only fitting that my return to blogging be at the hands (or rather blocks) of this anatomically confusing snotty tissue. Tetris blocks. Really? Tetris blocks? Is nothing sacred? Continue reading


Movie Review: Lucy – Transcendence is the New Black


Genre: Sci-Fi/Action

Director: Luc Besson

Running Time: 89 Minutes

“You put too much stock in human intelligence, it doesn’t annihilate human nature.”

― Philip Roth, American Pastoral

Continue reading


Book Review: Seduced by the Paranormal Tentacle – Soft Science but Hard Everything Else

Paranormal Tentacle

I had to take a number of deep, fortifying breaths before I cracked the virtual spine of this rip-roaring paranormal roller coaster. Alas, I was cheated. This was not the paranormal, spine-tingling, thrilling, taboo filled joyride I thought it would be. This booked robbed me. I thought I would be disgusted and amused by the ludicrous western attempt at literary hentai but, instead, I was left utterly and completely whelmed. Continue reading