Coming Soon: Winchester [Trailer]


I love the stories and rumours about Sarah Winchester, and the Winchester House. It’s one of the many places that I would love to see for myself one day. So, I was already keen about this movie. Then the went and got the Goddess herself, Dame Helen Mirren, and I am smitten and excited! Continue reading


Coming Soon: Beauty and the Beast [Trailer]

Beauty and the Beast

The tale as old as time is getting a live action remake. I’m not a huge Disney fan, mostly because the older films’ princesses were classic damsels in distress. though suitable for their time and audiences it has been nice to see that more recent characters are self-sufficient, kick-ass ladies. However, Beauty and the Beast does have my favourite Disney song – “Be Our Guest”.

Enjoy the teaser 🙂

Release date: 17 March 2017