Book Review: Jackie’s Erotic Beanstalk – Fee-fi-fo-fum I smell the nectar of a Nymph

"I'm going to see the Storm Giant." She felt satisfaction as his eyes went wide with shock. "Maybe I can make him happy again." - Jackie's Erotic Beanstalk, Location 139 Plot Jacqueline's mother is sick, and dying, due to the overabundance of rain in the land. Jackie is instructed to find a special root, which... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Tentacle Lord (Book One) – Suddenly, Tentacles!

"The wonders of two Xanax and a vodka orange juice." -  Margaret, Tentacle Lord (Book One) The Plot I have no idea how to do this so I'm going for a "stream of consciousness" style description of the plot. Ready? Here we go... Margaret, her husband (Blake), and her best friend (Dori) are flying (via... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Cabin Fever – Let’s Make This a Night to Remember

I hurt myself by reading these things... The Plot Amanda has just found out that she is infertile. She is quickly heading in the direction of depression despite the fact that there is more than just natural conception available to reasonable people who want children. Some of those option include surrogacy, adoption, in vitro fertilisation... Continue Reading →

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