Book Review: Daddy Monster – Confusion and Adverbs

Daddy Monster

“Many times has he been targeted by the men and women he wished he could call friends, but hold no place in his heart as nothing more than coworkers. People who he is forced to spend eight hours of his day, five days of his agonizing week, pretending not to despise.”

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Coming Soon: Book Review – The Outcast Son

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Coming Soon: Book Review – Puzzle of Death

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TropicalMary’s 10 Quotes of the Week – Once Gone

Once Gone“Bill doubted that anything they’d found would do much good. The murderer was too purposeful, too methodical. This whole scene had been laid out with a certain sick style that set him on edge.” (Locations 186-188) Continue reading


Book Review: D.O.G.: Executive Order – Fifty Shades of Gunmetal


“The president had no answer to this question. When he developed his plan, he failed to consider the death notification protocol that now existed within the defense department.”

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Coming Soon: Book Review – Vanished: A Luca Mystery – Book 2

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Movie Review: It Comes at Night – Or Does It?

It Comes at Night Poster.jpg

Genre: Thriller/Mystery

Director: Trey Edward Shults

Running Time: 91 Minutes

“From the writer and director of shorts.”

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