Book Review: Attack of the Cheetah Ninjas – Where the syntax is made up and the tenses don’t matter!

"Boldly, Elena reclines on her back, supporting her weight with one elbow, and begins to wipe down her torso. She splashes water onto her stomach and then swipes upwards, around and over her breasts, fingers brushing ever so lightly against her nipples. She tilts her head back and to the side, baring her throat in... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Bounty Enforcers – Much Tattoo. Such Bust. Wow.

A. A ha. A ha ha ha. A ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. The Plot So, there's this werewolf and she's a bounty hunter. Ula is good at what she does. Her contact hires her to track down a fugitive. That fugitive also happens to be Ula's ex-lover. Due toย her personal connection to... Continue Reading →

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